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Objectives of the Usability and Accessibility Days 2011

Objectives of the Usability and Accessibility Days 2011
  1. The diffusion of concepts, methods and implementations of Usability and Accessibility with which the Greek public is to a great extend unfamiliar.

  2. The exploration of good practices in Greece and Europe and the proposal of guidelines for the improvement of various procedures taking under consideration the principles of Usability, Ergonomics and Accessibility.

  3. The suggestion to software developers of solutions based on Usability, Ergonomics and Accessibility, especially concerning communicational applications.

  4. The examination of the implementation of the Usability and Accessibility principles on educational issues through the use of digital material (e-learning, blended learning), as well as on issues of intergenerational communication.

  5. An in-depth examination of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) issues, in relation with the principles of Usability and Accessibility, and their introduction in the Greek higher education curricula.

  6. The presentation of a growing need of the public for Usability and Accessibility as far as communication, education, media and services are concerned (internet, transactions, telecommunications).

Who should attend the Usability and Accessibility Days 2011
  • Information systems developers
  • Software developers
  • Participants of Open and Distance Learning actions
  • Educators of all levels
  • Institutions and individuals involved in taking care of the elderly
  • Students and researchers in the area of Usability, Accessibility, Ergonomics and Human Computer Interaction in general
  • Organisations for individuals with disabilities
  • All active citizens who wish to be informed.

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November 10th to 11th, 2011
Cultural and Athletic Center "DAIS"[Map]

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